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Showcases Overview

The following showcases shows the capabilities of AnySolve.

Task: Query Document Collection

The Query Document Collection task showcase enables you to answer all your question about knowledge bases you have built. You may have legal documents in your organization you want to search information in. You may want to create a smart ChatBot that accesses your FAQ documents and provides a meaningful answer to your customer. No matter how small the needle is that you want to find in the haystack, AnySolve has you covered.

Task: Chart Generator

Welcome to the Chart Generator task showcase! This is your gateway to effortlessly creating visual charts from simple text descriptions. Whether you're a data enthusiast, a presenter, or just someone who needs to convey information visually, the Chart Generator empowers you to transform your ideas into eye-catching charts within seconds. Specify the chart type, axes, data points, and let the AI work its magic. Say goodbye to complex charting tools and embrace the simplicity of generating charts with AnySolve.

Task: Create a HTML document

Discover the ease of crafting HTML documents with the "Create a HTML document" task. Whether you're building a webpage, drafting an email template, or just need a well-structured document, this task streamlines the HTML creation process. Describe your content and layout preferences, and watch as the AI generates the corresponding HTML code. No need to dive into coding intricacies – create polished HTML documents effortlessly using the power of AnySolve.

Task design - Run AIs anonymized

Welcome to the world of task design with anonymized AI interactions! This page offers you the chance to design tasks that involve running AI models while ensuring user privacy and data security. Describe the task flow, input requirements, and expected outputs, and let AnySolve's anonymized AI execution bring your task to life. This feature opens doors to dynamic and interactive applications, all while prioritizing user confidentiality.

Task: Write and further improve a newspaper article

Step into the shoes of an editor or a writer with the "Write and further improve a newspaper article" task. This unique opportunity allows you to initiate an AI-generated article and then refine it according to your preferences. Whether you're composing news pieces, blog posts, or educational content, this task offers a collaborative approach to content creation. Witness how AI can assist in crafting compelling narratives while giving you the final editorial control.

Task: Write a Paper

Embark on scholarly endeavors with the "Write a Paper" task. Whether you're a student, researcher, or professional, this task simplifies the process of generating written content. Describe your topic, key points, and preferred structure, and watch as the AI composes a coherent paper. From essays to research papers, this tool offers valuable assistance, saving you time and effort while maintaining the essence of your ideas.

Create your own AI tool

Unleash your creativity and innovation by crafting your very own AI tool! This page guides you through the process of designing and developing a custom AI tool to cater to your specific needs. Define the tool's functionality, input-output interactions, and customize its behavior. With AnySolve's intuitive tools and powerful AI capabilities, you have the opportunity to bring your unique AI ideas to life, opening doors to a world of tailored solutions.

Bonus Credits

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