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Welcome to AnySolve

AnySolve is a community task hub. It allows you to create your own AI tools, use and share them ready to use as AI tasks within the AI community and integrate them into your software. AnySolve has hundreds of existing tasks you can explore. Our editor allows you to simply create new tasks and our integrations make sure they integrate into your workflow. Each task has a specific input and output and is versioned so you can always rely on that there is no change.


  • Gain platform access with no recurring fees or mandatory subscriptions required.
  • Experience a wide array of AI models, including openAI GPT, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and Bard, all conveniently accessible through a single - unified platform.
  • Explore an extensive selection of groundbreaking AI tasks.
  • Create and personalize your own tasks effortlessly using our robust scripting capabilities.
  • Streamline the task creation process with our user-friendly Task Editor interface.
  • For B2B customers, integrate AnySolve seamlessly into your business workflow with our comprehensive API and Hooks support.
  • Find a diverse range of UI elements tailored to various types of tasks, enhancing the user experience.
  • Harness powerful plugins for real-time data access, computations, and integration with third-party services.


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