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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the following the most frequent asked questions about AnySolve are answered.

What is

AnySolve is an innovative AI platform designed to empower users with seamless automation of complex tasks. Leveraging our extensive library of pre-existing tasks and the ability to create custom ones, AnySolve simplifies the process of automating various workflows. Whether you're dealing with data analysis, content generation, market research, problem-solving, or other intricate tasks, AnySolve provides an intelligent and efficient solution to enhance productivity and streamline your work.

How does AnySolve work?

AnySolve is a powerful automation tool designed to streamline your business processes. It empowers users with a diverse collection of pre-built tasks that seamlessly integrate into their existing workflows. By leveraging the capabilities of AnySolve, you can automate a wide array of tasks with ease. Our user-friendly interface (UI) stands out as a key feature. It enables you to create custom tasks without coding expertise or developer resources. With the intuitive UI, you can easily configure and personalize tasks to suit your unique business requirements.

Who can benefit from using AnySolve?

AnySolve's versatile services cater to a wide range of professionals and industries. Whether you're a software engineer, author, content creator, business owner, marketer, academician, journalist, or anyone seeking tailored and powerful solutions, AnySolve has something valuable to offer. Explore our comprehensive range of tasks to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

What types of tasks can be automated with AnySolve?

AnySolve's robust task automation solutions empower users to automate various processes, including code editing, content writing, marketing strategy development, image creation, and more.

Is there a cost involved in using AnySolve?

Yes, there are charges associated with our services, which are determined by the specific tasks you choose to automate. Each task comprises various sub-tasks, and some of them may incur additional costs. For example, tasks involving the GPT language model will have specific expenses. The overall pricing varies based on the underlying components and resources utilized. For detailed pricing information, please visit our Pricing page.

What are AnySolve credits?

Credits are essential resources that users can utilize to execute tasks within AnySolve's platform. Each task requires a specific number of credits to be performed. You can purchase credits through the Billing Settings section of your account. To stay up-to-date with the latest credit pricing, kindly refer to the Pricing page.

How can I determine the credits required for a task?

Each task within the service is assigned an expected cost in credits, and this information is prominently displayed to the user before initiating the task. The expected credit cost will give you a clear idea of the resources needed to execute the task.

What happens when I click the "Run task" button?

Upon clicking the "Run task" button, you will be presented with a message showing the average cost in credits for that specific task. This ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the credit usage before proceeding with the task execution.

Are there any additional fees associated with credit usage?

No, the credit cost displayed for each task is all-inclusive, meaning there are no hidden or additional fees. The stated credit amount is the total expense required to execute the task.

How do I purchase additional credits?

To purchase more credits, go to the "Settings" page on our platform, click on the "Billing" section, and select "Buy new credits with stripe." It's a simple and secure process.

What payment methods are accepted for credit purchases?

To provide you with a seamless experience, we accept various payment methods through our trusted payment provider, Stripe. You can use any major credit card, a PayPal account, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, and many more, ensuring you have a convenient and diverse range of options to choose from.

Will my purchased credits expire?

We want to ensure you have the flexibility to use your credits effectively. As such, we do not impose any expiry date on purchased credits. You can use them whenever you need, without worrying about time constraints.

Can I keep track of my credit balance after a purchase?

Certainly! We value your need to stay informed about your credit usage. After making a credit purchase, you have multiple ways to keep track of your updated credit balance:

  1. Account Settings - Billing Section: Log into your account and head to the "Billing" section in your account settings. Here, you can easily manage your credit transactions and view your current credit balance. It provides a comprehensive overview of your credit history and usage.

  2. Dashboard: Upon logging in, you can conveniently find your remaining credits displayed on the top right corner of the page. This instant view allows you to see your credit balance at a glance, ensuring you are always aware of your available credits.

How do I get started with using AnySolve?

Getting started with AnySolve is simple. Visit our website at, sign up for an account, and follow the provided instructions to begin automating your most complex tasks today.

Can I try AnySolve for free?

Absolutely! AnySolve offers a free trial to get you started. Upon login, you'll receive 200 free Credits that can be used to execute tasks. With these credits, you can explore and run numerous tasks without any cost. It's a great way to experience the power and capabilities of AnySolve before making a commitment.

Does AnySolve offer customer support?

Yes! We provide 24/7 customer support via email at [email protected] and through our social accounts. Our dedicated team is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

What type of data security measures does AnySolve take?

At AnySolve, we prioritize data security. We employ industry-standard encryption protocols and additional measures to ensure the utmost security of user data while using our platform.

Can I access my account from multiple devices?

Absolutely! You can access your account from multiple devices by logging in separately on each device using the same credentials used during the initial account creation.

Are there any limitations when automating tasks with AnySolve?

No, there are no limitations when it comes to automating tasks with AnySolve. You have full control over the number of tasks you automate and their frequency, allowing customization based on your specific needs.

Does AnySolve offer integration options with other platforms or applications?

Yes, we offer integration options with popular platforms such as Salesforce, Slack, Intercom, and more. This allows users to seamlessly automate processes across multiple systems simultaneously, providing enhanced flexibility.

Can I customize my automated processes according to my specific needs?

Absolutely. AnySolve's powerful UI tools grant users complete control over customizing their automated processes to align with their specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency with each execution.

How can I create my own task?

Creating a new task on AnySolve is a straightforward process. Start by accessing our task editor through the "Create new tasks" option in the main menu. Once in the task editor, you'll find yourself on the Task Designer page. From there, you can provide a task name, a concise description, a detailed description, and a relevant prompt to tailor your task. Additionally, make sure to select the appropriate subtask for your specific requirements. For example, if you need results from ChatGPT, opt for the ChatComplete subtask.

Why are new versions of tasks created / Why can't I edit a version?

Whenever a task is edited a new version of the task is created. Old version can not be edited afterwards. The idea behind this version system is that users can rely on the stability of a version of a task. It never gets changed as long as the underlying API or base implementation does not change.