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Create your own AI tool

The following showcase how to create an AnySolve task.

Imagine you want an AI tool that composes a work email for you. You describe what it should contain and ChatGPT should write it for you.

Introduction Video

Create the task and describe it

You go to and describe your task.


Add a ChatComplete subtask

You ad a ChatComplete subtask. It allows to use ChatGPT.


Set Prompt

Next you set the prompt in the subtask. It tells ChatGPT what to do and what inputs to use.


The prompt creates an new input ´goal´.

Set inputs and outputs

  • You have created an input with ´´ in your prompt
  • You set the input to User Input
  • You set the label, description an example and set it to Not empty


The ChatComplete subtask has an output ´completion_0´. You set the label, description, an example and set it to Show output to the user


Run task and publish it

You run the task by clicking on the Run task button to generate the output examples based on the input examples. Now you can create the task published (can be used by other users) or unpublished.


There you have it, your first task.



The task editor allows you to create tasks. The provided example only covers a simple example how you can create a task with a ChatComplete prompt. You can create much more powerful tasks.