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API for AI tools

AnySolve allows you to streamline the execution of AI tasks by bundling steps into AnySolve tasks. This enables the creation of customized tasks for solving specific AI problems with adjustable parameters.

Every task on AnySolve, such as the Text Compression task, is accessible via a RESTful interface.

If you're looking to exclusively use OpenAI's ChatGPT with our REST Interface you can use the ChatComplete (GPT and others) task. Additionally, GPT without Chat capabilities is accessible through the Completion (GPT and others) task.

Introduction Video

To kick things off, watch our informative introduction video that provides an insightful overview of the API functionalities.


The execution of tasks by the REST interface costs as much as when running a task manually.

Personal Access Token

Before utilizing the REST API, you must create a personal access token, which serves as your authentication credential. To do so, navigate to the settings section by clicking on Settings in the top-right corner of the page.


Next, access the `Personal Access Tokens' tab and assign a name to your new access token, such as 'local-dev'.


After clicking Save, the system generates a token. Make sure to copy it, as it won't be displayed again.


Using the REST API

Every task, like Text Compression or ChatComplete (GPT and others), contains an API section that provides instructions on utilizing the task.


You have two main options for using the REST API:

  • Use the REST API directly by a tool, e.g. cURL.
  • Use the Python library anysolve to execute a task.